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Cast Iron Cookware
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Indispensible to the country cook is the cast iron skillet. Seasoned over time, many handed down from one generation to another, cast iron cookware has been this country's favorite cookware for over one hundred years. Nothing cooks better than cast iron. Cast Iron Cookware

The Iron Skillet offers Dutch ovens, bakeware, griddles and grills, and lids and accessories at discount prices, including the complete Lodge catalog of pre-seasoned ready to use cast iron cookware. Camp Dutch ovens are even more popular now than they were when introduced in colonial times. We offer eight kitchen style Dutch ovens, plus eight sizes of camp style Dutch ovens for outdoor cooking. New refinements in the manufacturing of cast iron cookware make our products easier to handle, stick free, and almost indestructable.

We offer the complete line of seasoned, ready to use cookware. At the plant an electrostatic spray of vegetable oil has been evenly applied to all surfaces of your cookware, then baked-on at extremely high temperatures. Now you can use your cookware right out of the box, washing and caring for it as if you had seasoned it yourself. Lodge Logic, ready to use cookware eliminates the time and effort of seasoning your new selection, and will look and perform better than home seasoning.

Premier quality cast iron, cookware preferred by gourmet chefs for heat retention, even cooking properties, and durability. The most important properties of cast iron are its heat retention and even heat distribution. It is also extremely durable. Properly cared for, cast iron will last for generations. Considered by professional chefs to be precision cooking tools, cast iron enables precise control of cooking temperatures. Its heat retention qualities allow for evenm cooling temperatures without hot spots. Original Finish cast iron should be seasoned before using. After washing the pan with warm soapy water, dry with a towel and apply a thin coat of melted shortening (Lodge recommends Crisco) and bake on the top rack of a 350 degree oven upside down for about one hour. (Place aluminum foil on the bottom rack to catch any drippings.) Let cool to room temperature in the oven. Over time the pan will darken to a black patina, a lasting non-stick finish. Never scour or wash in dishwasher. Each item contains complete use and care instructions.

For more than 100 years Lodge has been perfecting the process of making cast iron cookware. By formulating the right metal chemistry, and creating the exact mold tolerances, they offer the finest line of cast iron cookware available.

Lodge Logic is a revolutionary new line of seasoned, ready to use cast iron cookware that's even better than your Grandmother's. An electrostatic spray system evenly coats the entire surface of the iron with a proprietary vegetable oil prior to the cookware moving into very hot industrial gas ovens. The high temperature allows the oil to penetrate deeply into the cast iron surface creating that prized heirloom finish.

It may not stop squabbles over the beneficiary of the family's cast iron cookware, but it does eliminate the time and effort of seasoning cast iron for the customer while offering the superior look and performance of home seasoned cast iron cookware.

The graceful rolled edges and curved lines of Pro Logic by Lodge represent a new design in cast iron cookware, while still offering the same legendary cooking performance of Original Finish. Pre seasoned like Lodge Logic, you may use this cookware right out of the box.

A new piece of seasoned cast iron cookware can be used right from the start. After washing the pan with warm water (no soap), dry thoroughly. Before cooking prepare the surface with a thin coat of melted shortening, or vegetable oil. After cooking, clean the utensil with hot water and a stiff brush. Never use a harsh detergent, as it can remove the seasoning. Towel dry thoroughly.

While the untensil is dry but still warm form the hot water bath, apply a light coat of vegetable oil or cooking spray on all surfaces.

Store your cast iron cookware in a cool, dry place. Do not store lids on the cast iron pot or pan to allow air circulation.

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