Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillets LMS3 - 3-1/2" dia. 3/4" depth 1 lb.
L5MS3 - 5" dia. 1" depth 1 lb.
L3SK3 - 6-1/2" dia. 1-1/4" depth 3 lbs.
L5SK3 - 8" dia. 1-3/4" depth 4 lbs.
L6SK3 - 9" dia. 1-3/4" depth 5 lbs.

You'll just love these smaller skillets for baking cornbread, frying up a coupla' eggs, or some sausage, even a big, juicy burger. Seasoned, ready to use.

For more than 100 years Lodge Manufacturing has been perfecting the process of making the best cast iron cookware worldwide. To complete the process and add real consumer value Lodge now coats the entire surface of the cookware with a proprietary vegetable oil and bakes it into the pan, skillet, or Dutch oven at very high temperatures. The result is a smooth patina finish that can be utilized immedialely, and the old fashioned method of seasoning cast iron cookware avoided.

Todays skillets come in all shapes and sizes, the round skillet being the most popular. Round skillets vary in size from 6-1/2 inches in diameter to the largest pan made by Lodge measuring 17" in diameter. A small skillet is perfect for one egg or two, and if a patty or two of sausage is desired along with your eggs, then a 10-1/4" skillet would be your best bet. Twelve inch diameter skillets are very popular for breakfast, a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, and fried chicken for dinner. Larger skillets will accomadate a whole mess of eggs, cornbeef hash, or potatoes. A deep pan, commonly called a fryer, holds more oil, and is perfect for deep frying fish or chicken. Our Pro Logic line of seasoned skillets have sloping sides and an arched handle for gourmands who shake as much as stir.

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